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Thread: PvE Gameplay mechanic making it frustrating to play

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    Quote Originally Posted by hex_colin View Post
    the "other" game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sukebe View Post
    This post and others seem to imply that no work was put into this system. That is not true as they have made it clear they spent a lot of time deciding on resource systems and tried all the ones that have been brought up and ultimately decided on the one we have because it was what they wanted. It is fine if you do not like the system they chose, but know that they put a lot of work into deciding to go with this system and it was not chosen quickly or without though.
    It was also chosen knowing full well that it would cause frustration for players as it has done in Magic for many years despite the similarities/differences. It's all water under the bridge now anyway, an opportunity to break away from tradition was missed and we have (rightly or wrongly) what we point remains, get used to it and play the game as the developers have made it or move on to something more palatable. Queue the flogging of the same ol' dead horse once Steam players arrive.

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    They did break away from the tradition of the WOW TCG resource system that Cryptozoic developed for many years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chadatog View Post
    They did break away from the tradition of the WOW TCG resource system that Cryptozoic developed for many years.
    Which just leads to curve screw...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hex_colin View Post
    Which just leads to curve screw...
    Yep, which they determined was much worse over all than shard/threshold screw.

    Not to mention the resource systems that guarantee we can gain a resource each turn (like WoW tcg and Vs) actually favor the more skilled players to such a large degree that new players would stand little to no chance for the most part.

    Personally, as much as I sometimes hate the system I am still in favor of how they set up Hex's resource system.

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    This has been brought up many times before, and will be brought up many times in the future

    Hex made a decision early in the games design, to use this resource system, which unfortunately means you loose a certain amount of you games without any interaction. The system have many good sides as well, mainly interesting and flexible deckbuilding.

    As new sets are released new cards, champions and mechanics will help mitigate the issue, but it will always be there in some form.

    My personal wishlist for solutions is:

    1) a series of cards that are playable, and can transform into ressources. I.e. a basic speed burn for ruby, that you can transform and play as a ressource instead.

    2) Change mulligan system to "draw 7 cards, put one card into your deck for each mulligan"

    3) A series of champions with "one-shot: pay 5 life, put a card into your deck, gain 0/1, counts as a ressource play" in addition to other ability

    (All above obviously needs balance testing, especially champion power as it enables a ressource-less 1-drop deck)

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    and when people start running less resources than they do now we're in the same spot as we are now

    The "optimal" number of resources will absolutely be smaller than it is today. The ones who come up with the decks we all love to use will 100% cut resources from them with any change like these. Inevitably when everyone googles best hex constructed deck and gets screwed a couple times they will just run to the forums as they do now and tell the devs they need to make more changes. Its a cycle that will never end.
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    As long as they explain in game how many shards you should be playing, as well as not to have a deck with more than 60 cards it should be fine.

    I feel like i often hear about people who use decks with more than 60 cards or 3 shards which can make the game super frustrating if you dont know what you are doing.

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    Just you wait for this kind of comments and negative reviews once when HEX hits on Steam

    They will cry about two things:
    1. shards/mana
    2. pay to win

    an game will be compared with Hearthstone

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    Using the 60 minimum cards and only 1-2 shards for consistency is like basic logic. If they can't even figure that out by themselves, they wouldn't be going very far.

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