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    PvE Gameplay mechanic making it frustrating to play with Suggestion

    This relates to PvE content, in particular the dungeon system and the battles in the campaign. In the dungeons it does multiply the frustration of simply playing Hex Shards of Fate. From my point of view it doesn't do anything at all to evolve or grow the transition into a Digital trading Card game.

    The decks with 36%-38% resources I am getting mostly having resource starved or resource abundance with my card draws, even after multiple muligans. Now when you have only 3 lives in a dungeon to navigate it, this is where the frustration multiplies. This does not make me interested in playing HEX, in fact it turns me off from recommending it to other people and stops me wanting to play it more (or at all) during the week.

    At the start of a battle during a PvE playthrough, specifically the campaign, allow each player to seperate basic resource cards into a seperate draw pile. Allow then each player to draw from the resource pile only 1 time per turn. Any cards that would modify basic resources, would let the owner of the action modify either of his digital card piles (resource and deck)

    There is no good gameplay or mechanic being resource starved / abundance as I really don't see how it can play into this DTCG,


    Please refrain from thinking I want the game to be easy, I want the game to be challenging and to lose only because I played horribly / built a bad deck, not because I got resource starved or in too much abundance.
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    The problem with your last statement is that guaranteeing resources would make the game incredibly easy. As has been recounted numerous times balancing your deck against variance is part of experience. You will lose games to bad draws, but it is counterbalanced by winning games you shouldn't win by a lucky top deck. If you are consistently losing in PvE it is a deck building problem. Fortunately for you, that can be solved without changing the game engine.

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    This thread is almost identical to your one on the General Forums. Please do not create duplicate threads.

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