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Thread: It has been a wild ride.

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    Im expecting the worst, hoping for the best.

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    Strong and accurate words from one of the long supporters of this game. I have to agree with Gware here
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    Priority thing I'm okay with, provided it enhances the design space without it... Hard to say it will, but I'm less pessimistic about that hindering the professional intricate skill-cap this game provides, and meta defining deck versatility.

    Chat is bad.. I agree. It will likely need another 2 or 3 reworks before it's in a good place. I suspect it is a priority for them, however, likely a low priority given this version now is already the 3rd or 4th or 5th rework we have seen and it's still pretty bad.

    Companies have to do what is best for the company, so I can't hate a merger, also it makes sense in terms of broadly sharing content across the medium. Let's be "cautiously optimistic" about it to give HXE and GameForge the benefit of our doubt, one more time .

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    Lots of negativity in this thread which is a bit surprising. Still as far as the forums as long as the core population moves and the devs with them it shouldnt be too much of a shift. Just the same people in a different place is all.

    As for the whole holding priority or skipping priority point I dont mind missing a few steps or not being able to react to certian events. Do i REALLY need to have a stop when they play a shard? The only thing i think is missing is responding to your own cards.
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