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Thread: It has been a wild ride.

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    It has been a wild ride.

    For 3 years I've obsessively checked these forums. I have read every single post in every single thread. Primarily I wanted to make sure a balanced view was presented to the devs. I took a lot of opposing stances I didn't necessarily agree with when people seemed to be piling on in any given topic. I appreciate all of you. Over the years posters who I thought were needlessly negative all the time evolved into having incredibly reasonable and insightful posts. Some of the more positive posters made some of the most offensive and abysmal posts, and everyone argued a lot about everything and it was fantastic.

    I appreciated the community, and the interactions I had with it. But I treated it like a job because of how important it was to me the devs be given good arguments to inspire them to make the right decisions for a game I positively loved. The new board is a publisher board rather than a developer board apparently. The focus seems it will be more on managing the community and less on influencing the devs. So I will be much less active there.

    Devs: you screwed up on your switched focus to simplify the game. Taking so I many things off the stack has caused endless problems. Dumbing down the number one important feature that makes this a tcg is the worst. Put priority back on top of the priority list. Reinstate hold priority and properly support it in client. Make this game better than mtg again rather than a half measure, a stepping stone from hearthstone to hex to mtg. You had so many good ideas in the outset and clearly development constraints caused them to be pushed aside. Get your shit together and get these things resupported with the tech to make it manageable. Also, you gotta do something about in client chat. It can't support thousands of users. You all remember Barrens chat.

    Gwaer out.
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    I will miss these boards - they've been a big part of the hex experience I share your concerns for the new direction of management rather than engagement, but I hope we don't see this message below tomorrow when all the steamkins arrive

    "We are currently working on solving issues with the forum login system. We'll be back soon when things are working!"
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    This was the forum were i posted more than over any other forum in my life will miss it .... no other game made me to want to post that much stuff in public.

    Ofc i will hang out in the new one, but less active i guess.

    Cu on the other side folks
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    I really wish they'd just keep this layout instead.

    Blah. I feel pretty similar to Gwaer. I hardly have any posts but I've checked the forum just about everyday for the last two years. I feel like this is going to have the same result as the in-game chat did when you guys switched it. Before the chat was switched, people would talk with me during drafts just about every game. It was easier to keep up with things and switch between different tabs. With the new chat though, all of that disappeared - and I fear that all of that might happen with the new forums. Less activity. :c

    Edit: I really agree with Gwaer's comment about chat though. I want to reiterate that. It's really difficult to keep up with the main chat, to whisper others, to cycle through all the tabs, and ever since you implimented the new chat (at least for me) it seems that hardly anyone ever talks during games anymore besides "gl and gg"... if that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwaer View Post
    The new board is a publisher board rather than a developer board apparently. The focus seems it will be more on managing the community and less on influencing the devs. So I will be much less active there.
    The new forums will be our forums too so we will be on them just as much as we are on these. I hope that we will see everyone over there once the switch over is complete.

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    I am totally only the lurker type, this is the only forum I was somehow a bit active I did read a lot and sometimes i did post. I really liked it. I don't know if can migrate or if the new forum give me the same feel. Thank you for this forum and all the people who made into something I really liked.

    My pet peeves are the simplyfing down of the game, Gameforge totally the wrong partner (they are better then before but they have the worst negative image with all my friends and it is still a huge problem, i hope steam can help), still not enough means to help prevent shard screw (the free mulligan and the equipment for cards did help but only in pve).

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    I like the new forums.
    The software is similar to the gameforge-forum and this had much more features then these vBulletin boards.
    I can easy switch from my native-language-boards to the more up to date english-boards, and the twitch-status is really great.

    In the end it all comes down about how the HEX-devs take part in the new forums.
    If they abandon the forums and just let gameforge handle the boards (no offense to Grimnir and Darkfall, both did a good job on the gameforge-forums too) we will see quite a different community. But if Cory and the rest of the HEX-team still post in the forums it's all good.

    Small edit: I can see all native-language-posts and the english-posts all in one forum. How cool is that... This will make it soo much easier for foreign users...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueAvocado View Post
    The new forums will be our forums too so we will be on them just as much as we are on these. I hope that we will see everyone over there once the switch over is complete.
    It would probably be good to emphasize this right from the outset. It was my impression that things would be much more gameforge management centric as well. Nothing supports this more than the fact that our identities, post count, etc is completely discarded. I know none of the posts are being deleted, but they will no longer be my posts as knightofeffect will no longer exist.

    It would be super swell/divisively elitist to hope for a hidden beta forum for us legacy users, but if HXE developers will truly still be active on the new forums, that's great. Please just reinforce that fact.

    With the new forums, loss of identity, and influx of steam community, there is a real risk this awesome community is largely gutted. For evidence, please see OP...
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    While I agree with general salt toward the trend of simplification in Hex, my boycott will be purely due to corporate webfilters.

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    This is the only internet forum that I've ever been an active member of and have checked religiously every day for several years now.
    I've never been one to weigh in heavily with my opinion (fear of backlash, or some such stupidity), but I've read almost everything and pondered lots. I'm definitely going to miss this board, but hope that the new ones maintain the same levels of civility, respect and great discussion from all angles.

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