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Thread: Paging Cathulu

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    I had no idea he moved down to only 2 streams, that definitely changes things with him. I'll have to try it again. Thanks for the info!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicholasCaldwell View Post
    During the GB2 Kickstarter it was also confirmed (by Mataio - apparently on a Faebook post?) that spawn are supposed to only require 2 streams to trap (thus being a class 2 ghost). They were originally going to be Class 3 but proved too tough so were moved down to Class 2 but the "3 streams to trap" was never changed.
    I went digging on the Facebook page and Mataio does indeed confirm 2 streams: Link

    I haven't played this scenario yet; glad I found this erratum before I got frustrated!

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    This new Erratum with Spawns of Cathulhu Definitely makes a huge difference in game play! They are still tough but not ridiculously tough to take down.

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