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Thread: Paging Cathulu

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    I had no idea he moved down to only 2 streams, that definitely changes things with him. I'll have to try it again. Thanks for the info!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicholasCaldwell View Post
    During the GB2 Kickstarter it was also confirmed (by Mataio - apparently on a Faebook post?) that spawn are supposed to only require 2 streams to trap (thus being a class 2 ghost). They were originally going to be Class 3 but proved too tough so were moved down to Class 2 but the "3 streams to trap" was never changed.
    I went digging on the Facebook page and Mataio does indeed confirm 2 streams: Link

    I haven't played this scenario yet; glad I found this erratum before I got frustrated!

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    This new Erratum with Spawns of Cathulhu Definitely makes a huge difference in game play! They are still tough but not ridiculously tough to take down.

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    I tricked them. The card says move near the closest Ghostbuster. I aligned them to where they were attacking Venkman and sometimes Ray every turn. Ray would remove slime and Venkman would take the exp until both maxed exp. It took awhile but slowly the others trapped each spawn. Every one in awhile one would break loose from attacking Venkman due to being fired at and missed but it mostly worked out.

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