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Thread: Paging Cathulu

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    Paging Cathulu

    So we played this scenario last night and it is incredibly frustrating. We were playing it as a solo scenario so started at Level 2 since it was #2 in the campaign, but after about an hour without trapping a single spawn we automatically upped to Level 3 as a handicap, and that helped us finish.

    Is it just me, or is Cathulu itself a lot easier than its Spawn? The rule about them losing both the oldest stream after each Ghostbuster as well as all of them moving closer makes them seem a bit overpowered for a class 2 ghost.

    We've determined that you have to be level 3 at the very least to even attempt to take them out so you have enough actions to keep stream tokens on them for the next buster.

    The appendix also indicated a variant rule where you can change the turn order each round, this would have helped last night since it would have helped coordinate attacks on them.

    If you've beaten this one, what's the best way to go about it?

    Also- Cathulu himself- does terrain not affect his movement? He seems too big to care about walls so we made it that he just moved through them, but it wasn't stated anywhere specifically, and if this is the case, thematically speaking, wouldn't any walls he pass through no longer exist, removing the obstacles from the GB themselves? I may implement this as a house rule and use some kind of rubble marker to indicate where he's been traveling.

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    The Spawn of Cathulhu are not class 2 material. If you changed them to move and regenerate at end of round instead of end of turn, I think they'd be ok for class 2, but as is, they are like class 4 or something. I think there was a typo somewhere, or not enough playtesting.

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    I also tried this Scenario solo and had the same problem although I Actually did manage to trap 2 Spawn of Cathulhu but eventually they overwhelmed at least half of my team before I gave up. In one instance I got pushed into the Library down a dead end hall and could not move sideways either. I asked what to do about this unique situation. One suggestion was if I could not move sideways during a push move from the Spawn maybe you just swap spaces with the spawn when he pushes you and your in a dead end space. I think they can be defeated at level 2 but it takes teamwork and some lucky dice rolling to do but not impossible though. As I said I trapped 2 myself. "Hey guys I think we may have to put a little overtime in on this one." Quote from Ray Stantz.
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    I actually like this Scenario because it is not that easy and makes you have to come up with a plan that involves a lot of teamwork which is what this game is all about. Don't get frustrated if you can't beat the spawn at first. In The Real Ghostbusters Cartoon They Barely got out of the sewer and away from these guys And Venkman lost his boot in the process when climbing out of the manhole and they tried to grab his foot. Lucky for him his team pulled him out or they would have gotten him for sure. They never even had a chance to trap any of them which just shows you how fast and scary they are.
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    True there was no clarification of what happens when a GB gets pushed into a corner, this happened to us with Ray. We just assumed that he would still get slimed but just couldn't be moved back any further. Once he got pinned we kind of used him as an anchor for the spawns which gave the other 3 GBs free reign to move around the map, trap ghosts, and start to pick off the spawns one by one from behind. We were playing 2 GB to a player so I didn't mind that one of mine was pinned, although I was able to use his level 2 ability and remove a free slime and pick off a level 1 ghost every so often. In theory it was a good idea but the spawns are a lot of trouble when you miss an attack roll. Luckily my other character was kylie and she should cancel the failed roll and just move away.
    I think if we incorporate the Open Turn rule from the appendix this scenario might be a little easier, but it is still a challenge!!!!!

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    Yeah, they are not easy. Any other class 2 (or even 3) puts up no where near as much of a fight. A single Spawn could make for a pretty decent mini-boss, don't even try to swap out another class 2 for them. Making them do their stuff at end of round instead of end of turn I think puts them into the realm of class 2.

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    For New players to this scenario Don't forget at the end of each Ghostbusters turn all Spawns of Cathulhu move towards the nearest Ghostbuster as well as removing the oldest stream on them. so they are basically hunting you down and healing right from the start of the game. No sneaking up on these things folks. There almost always on the move and they will chase you down until you stand up to them and work as a team to take them down. I think the best way to beat them is to attack and keep your distance as much as you can. One ghostbuster may have to take a few hits to get enough streams on them so their teammates can finish them off. If you miss an attack it can go bad... really bad! Were talking slime city. "S@#!$% happens! Someones gotta deal with it. And who you gonna call?" Quote from Peter Venkman.
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    Quote From Ray Stantz "Acolytes that serve the big guy!"

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    During the GB2 Kickstarter it was also confirmed (by Mataio - apparently on a Faebook post?) that spawn are supposed to only require 2 streams to trap (thus being a class 2 ghost). They were originally going to be Class 3 but proved too tough so were moved down to Class 2 but the "3 streams to trap" was never changed.

    Also -- where can I find this scenario??? I was a GB 1 Kickstarter and have Cathulhu but no specific scenario for him. Should I have gotten this scenario? (heck of a time to find out with GB 2KS just wrapping up!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicholasCaldwell View Post
    During the GB2 Kickstarter it was also confirmed (by Mataio - apparently on a Faebook post?) that spawn are supposed to only require 2 streams to trap (thus being a class 2 ghost). They were originally going to be Class 3 but proved too tough so were moved down to Class 2 but the "3 streams to trap" was never changed.
    I went digging on the Facebook page and Mataio does indeed confirm 2 streams: Link

    I haven't played this scenario yet; glad I found this erratum before I got frustrated!

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