Hey guys.

Having been a huge fan of Cryptozoic Entertainment's deckbuilding games, I have been tinkering with custom cards and designing my own game types and variants for a few years now.

With the Pokemon 20th anniversary being celebrated recently, and my wife being a huge Pokemon fan (who also loves to play deckbuilding games), I decided to commit the time to design and produce a standalone Pokemon Deckbuilding Game utilizing the Cerberus Engine.

This has been in the works with my spare time over the past six weeks or so. From brainstorming, to physical copy alpha testing, lots of number crunching, to learning about Tabletop Simulator and importing there, followed by limited beta testing on TTS, the game has been continually iterated throughout the process.

I tried reaching out to Matt Hyra to see if there was any possibility for this to be picked up by CZE, but unfortunately was told that Nintendo is not licensing (and couldn't convince him to take a sneak peek at the game). In any case, I am pleased to finally have a polished product that is ready to be released for everyone's enjoyment, even if just as a Print 'n Play or Tabletop Simulator mod!

For those of you that have Tabletop Simulator, I have uploaded the game into the Workshop there:

For others that would just like to see the images, here is the album:

And lastly, here is the Google Doc with the Rulebook, FAQ, and all the card text:

Let me know what you think!