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    First game played, questions about ghost movements

    First game is played and in the books! It went incredibly fast; within a handful of turns, the GB's were able to shut the gates and claim victory. However, the game seemed to go too fast, with the ghosts barely putting up a fight. Am I missing something?

    It seemed the key to victory was to not even engage the ghosts, just make a bee line for the gates. We only trapped a small handful of ghosts.

    If I'm reading the instructions right, the ghosts only move when missed or because of the Chaos event die at the end of each turn. Is this accurate? If so, why even engage the ghosts in the first place?

    I also want to confirm: Event Die are only rolled after all 4 GBs have completed their individual turns.

    Did we miss something in our game or did we just get extremely lucky?

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    What scenario were you playing? There are a couple (Slimer) that are definitely more introduction friendly.

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    In many cases that Event die will cause new Ghosts to spawn. if the Spirit World runs out of Ghosts, then the Ghostbusters lose the game. The only way to restock the Spirit World's supply of ghosts is to capture ghosts and deposit them in the Containment Unit carried in Ecto-1

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    Yeah, the first two scenarios in the Slimer campaign are pretty easy, but the third does already take a lot longer to complete.
    It has less ghosts in the spirit world, so you have to deposit ghosts to not run out of them and lose. And on top of that, you have to toss a class 3 Boogaloo Manifestation into every gate to close it. The difficulty makes a big jump between the second and third mission.
    I've heard the other campaigns are even harder, but I haven't played those yet!

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    One thing to keep in mind is capturing ghosts gives you xp. It is recommended that you are at least the level equivalent to the scenario you are going into (going into the third scenario of the campaign, all ghostbusters should be at least level three). This rule will help you when scenarios get tougher.

    Also, leaving ghosts be can screw you when chaos is rollee. I dont know if anyone answered this, but yes, the event die is rolled after the whole group has had a turn, not after individual turns.

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    @crazy1van Ecto-1 does not have a portable Containment unit in it. It's called the Dimensionometer and basically opens a small one way gate to the spirit world that the trapped ghosts are deposited into. the containment Unit does not send ghosts to the spirit world they are contained in an artificially created dimension inside the containment unit. They are similar, but each sends the ghosts to a different location. I know its confusing distinguishing the difference between the two. just thought I would explain the difference in case new players to Ghostbusters read this they will know the difference between the two.

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    Thank you for all the responses. It was the very first scenario, the Slimer Situation part one. I had chalked it up to just good lucky die rolls and an easy scenario. I'm glad that seems to be the case.

    No joke, the ghosts barely moved at all during the scenario. We only got the chaos result once during the entire game and thankfully none of the Ghost came anywhere near a player.

    I figured we had just gotten extremely lucky with our rolls but wanted to make sure I hadn't overlooked something.

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    Just play the next scenario. They get tougher as you play the later scenerios. Remember, the scenario number tells you what experience level you should start at for each scenario. Trust me once those ghosties start moving you'll have all the excitement you can handle.

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    @guy_ledouche Is your name a reference to mXc: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge??? Oh, I hope so! I loved that show

    Welcome to the forums!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pjvedder View Post
    @guy_ledouche Is your name a reference to mXc: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge??? Oh, I hope so! I loved that show

    Welcome to the forums!
    It is indeed! Love encountering a fellow fan!

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