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    Your account has been deleted

    Why was my HEX account deleted? I can't contact support because my account was deleted so I came here for an answer.
    The email should at least explain whats happening, but is just says
    Your HEX account has been permanently deleted. We hope you had a fun time in the world of Entrath.
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    Your account has been marked for deletion as you didn’t accept the Terms of Service and the User Agreement in the game client since November 9th, 2015 and therefore have not yet transferred your HEX account to its new destination under Gameforge administration.

    Last year in November, Hex Entertainment announced Gameforge as the new publisher for HEX in North America.

    German privacy laws are highly restrictive, which has its positives in that they're theoretically protecting your information as a consumer. The downside here is that, by German law, you must accept a terms of service and user agreement with Gameforge in order for them to keep your data.

    Every affected player should have received an email weeks before the deletion process started. Unfortunately, according to several reports that we received, not everybody got this email.
    For this reason our technicians are working on restoring all affected accounts as soon as possible.

    Within today you should be able to access your account again.

    In order to prevent a future deletion, please follow these steps:

    Download and install the HEX: Shards of Fate client
    Login with your account info and click the necessary checkbox to accept the updated Terms of Services andPrivacy Policy.
    Continue playing and enjoy HEX

    Please excuse the confusion.
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