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    TWD: No Sanctuary - Shane Ally Clarification

    On Shane's Ally side, the Green approach...
    One of the success results is "Change the group's Approach to one of your choosing."
    I'm having trouble figuring out how this is useful and why I'd want to do that. If I decide to use the green to conflict with the group approach, haven't I already discarded my trust token (as the penalty). What would changing the approach gain me at that point?

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    Hi there, fedspaz.

    Shane's Approach-setting ability mostly comes up in games with multiple players alongside the Allies. For example, let's say you and I are playing, each controlling one Ally, and your Ally is Shane. Let's say you're also the leader. You choose a Cautious Event for the round, but you know I don't have any Cautious Survivor cards in hand. However, you use Shane to change the group's approach to Reckless, which means when my turn rolls around, I can play a Reckless Survivor card from my hand, allowing me to be compliant with the group, and thus avoid giving you stress.

    Hopefully that helps to explain what that ability offers. Thank you for the question, and have fun playing!

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