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    DC - Expansion/Crossovers for new players

    So recently I got the DC comics deck building game (the original version) and I've been having a lot of fun with it.

    Basically what I want to know is, what packs are great for new players? I'm particularly looking for ones that I can add to the main set without changing a lot of the rules or adding too many new mechanics.

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    Crossover Pack 1 (JSA) adds the fewest new mechanics to the game. Most of the effects make your Starter cards do more. The rest of the packs get progressively more complicated in their new mechanics.
    Nathaniel Yamaguchi
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    If you are looking at expansions as well, Crisis 1 pairs with the original set and adds some new characters and harder versions of the set's Super-Villains. This expansion also adds a new mode called Crisis-Mode that makes the game cooperative with new rules and mechanics to the game. You can still play how you normally would with the 32 new main deck cards and the above mentioned characters and Super-Villains and ignore the Crisis Mode and Crisis cards. You will have a good play experience regardless.
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