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    I was using that as an example, how many other cards play off discarding, im not sure. but it could be a future issue. my point is that there is no diminishing return with him unless you go for something bigger. I honestly think the one time use would be a better fix than saying X cannot = 0

    also DC has no RFG zone unless your counting the destroyed pile

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    That actually is problematic, because not just Lightning Strike does it. Per Degaton does as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CushionRide View Post
    also DC has no RFG zone unless your counting the destroyed pile
    Not true. Miss Martian essentially removes your hand from the game until the end of your turn, Disintegration is removed from the game if you use it, and all Super-Villains defeated in Crisis Mode are removed from the game.

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    miss martian does not RFG cards it specifically says put your hand aside, so your hand is in limbo until your turn is over, Disintegration is specifically for the watchman set so that isn't an issue in a normal game, and in Crisis all villians you buy are destroyed not RFG, so if you have items like the white and black ring, or trench coat, or new York or anything else that fishes in the destroyed pile that's where they go. there is no RFG zoned in DC Deck builder except for superboy prime, who specifically says he can swap your super hero with one from outside the game. that is RFG, outside the game, destroyed pile is still in the game.

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    Purchased Villains get destroyed in Crisis. Super-Villains get removed from the game entirely. Like, you can't Black Lantern Ring back Vandal Savage in a Crisis game. Also, there's Crisis cards that remove cards from the game. In Crisis 2, when Rise of the Dead is the active Crisis, any card that is destroyed gets removed from the game. In Crisis 3, Lost in Time removes all cards with cost 1 or greater in players' discard piles from the game until it's beaten.

    And whether or not Disintegration is part of the Watchmen set is irrelevant. Crossover 4 can be used without playing the game in Watchmen Mode, and it's still a DC Comics Deck-Building Game card with the text "remove this card from the game". And in a more normal Crossover Pack, the top card of the Super Hero stack in The Rogues, The Flash, is removed from the game when he's defeated.

    Besides that, there's cards in the upcoming Multiverse Crossover with that text. The Multiverse cards function on bringing in cards from outside the game, while Parallax explicitly has a secondary ability that is activated if you choose to remove it from the game when you play it.

    There doesn't need to be a designated "removed from game zone". Plenty of cards reference it. And in any case, it's irrelevant. Even if temporarily removing cards from the game was a problem, the Black Lightning errata text suggested by LexLuthorJr would still be achievable by using the same wording on Miss Martian. "Set aside X cards: Put a non-Starter card with cost X from your discard pile into your hand. At the end of your turn, put all cards set aside this way into your discard pile." Not that I'm really in favor of making such a change (personally, I was fine with it when he could use Weaknesses), I'm just saying there's no reason it's not possible.
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    you are talking about specific game formats that don't exist in the normal game. I AM TALKING ABOUT THE NORMAL GAME MECHANIC. Crisis is not the NORMAL game format, ROGUES is also not a normal game format, neither is Watchmen. Rogues runs on the forever evil format, its different. also concerning disintegration, Matt Hydra in this thread said it was a watchman only card anyways. so it doesn't count as relevant to my argument. you also cannot count the up coming sets yet cause (drumroll) THEY ARE NOT OUT YET. I haven't seen them and don't know what is in the sets yet, how do you know?

    I will admit because I don't play crisis. I did miss the fact that super villains get RFG'd. we tried crisis, no offense to the devs but it sucked, it took way to long to even beat a super. in some cases it completely locked our game down. I don't even know why they continue with those modes, the addon cards were cool.

    also you are totally wrong about miss martian. when you play miss martian you have to resolve her effect first. her effect says to set aside your hand. so even if BL's text was changed to what your talking about. you cannot set aside for miss martian and count that for BL unless BL specifically says so. you could however do it with the new hand drawn from M Martian. also in the end you would be discarding double the cards that way. o wait we wont because Miss martian will override the BL dicard cause she says to put them back in your hand at the end of the turn. so no matter how you do it the Martian set aside is back in your hand. also the way you guys worded your change on BL stated discard all cards set aside this way, "this way" refers to the BL effect not miss martians. soo.... yea

    but we are arguing about a hypothetical change that doesn't exist and in my opinion is really stupid. it is just easier to make his ability a one time use, that way its not busted, and then it is on par with other characters that have only one time uses. and its not effected by other cards in the game
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