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    Ghostbuster Abilites

    New to the game and need some clarification, are ghostbuster abilities seperate from Maneuvers and Actions or do they cost the maneuver or action for the round to use? The instruction book does not clarify on that

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    Depends on the ability. In the original game, all Ghostbusters get +1 Action as their Level 3 ability. Some abilities trigger off an action or maneuver, like getting extra XP when depositing ghosts or getting to reroll a Proton Roll. Sometimes an ability will specify that it can be performed as a free action, in which case it does not count against the total, as with Janine's L4 ability, which grants a free combat action AFTER you take a combat action that puts a proton stream on a ghost that already has a stream from you.

    So the short version is, each ability should cover what type of action is is or requires.

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