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    Wardrobe/Autograph/Sketch...HELP! My Last Hope!

    Hello Everyone! I am new to this forum, and this is my very first post on here! This is my last resort, my last chance to try! Im not wealthy, and quite poor. I save up as much change as I can, and since Cryptozoic released the 1st season of walking dead trading cards till now, that's how I've been paying for my cards. If I count how much I've spent from season 1 card packs, till now, I've spent hundreds if not at least a thousand dollars at the most. I've bought so many packs, that I've complete the whole collection base set of cards for seasons 1,2,3,4, and 5 not only for myself, but for my 12 year old daughter as well. I must have the worst luck ever because so far, out of all the packs I've bought, Ive NEVER, NOT ONE TIME, HAVE NEVER EVER gotten not one wardrobe, autograph, sketch, nor prop card! All those packs bought, all that money spent and NOT ONE TIME HAVE I GOT NOT 1 RELIC CARD! It's SO FRUSTRATING, and upsetting! I know the only ways to guarantee getting a relic card is to either buy a whole hobby box with 24 packs in it, or a case of hobby boxes which I can't ever afford either of them, and the only other way is to buy a relic card on eBay, but there's so many problems with that. The relic cards are so unbelievably over-priced on eBay. I also tried contacting Cryptozoic about my really bad, terrible luck. Explained my whole situation about how much I've spent, and never getting a relic card. I'm sure they get plenty of people hounding them for so many reasons. I was honest with them, and in return they replied that there is nothing they can do. I'm beyond upset, and exhausted at this point. It's like why waste any more money on the cards when I've never, ever gotten what I truly wanted and that's a wardrobe or autograph card. My question to all of you, my fellow Walking Dead card trader collectors is do any of you, anyone at all know of any other way I can find Walking Dead wardrobe or autograph cards besides the ways I already know of? I'd greatly appreciate any advice. Sorry this is so long. Just felt I had to explain my whole situation. Hope there's somebody that can help. Thanks for taking the time to read this Everyone. I greatly appreciate it! ��
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