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    The Walking Dead - Best Defense - Rule Clarification


    First of all, great game !!! Thoroughly enjoyed it so far.

    Just one thing on the manual though.

    It is not made obvious that a player may actualy look at the Event Cards they are dealt BEFORE they proceed with their turn.

    All the rules say is that two event cards are dealt face down to each player. All it then says is that at the END of a players turn they may choose to action the event cards.

    The only place in the rulebook it suggests that the players should look at the event cards before they do anything like defy or trade is in the section describing an example Turn.

    Only a minor point (i guess) but to actualy state that the FIRST thing a player does on their turn is look at the event cards they have been dealt would clarify things completely.

    NB For what it's worth, making the reading/playing of event cards occur at the end of a players turn makes the game substantialy harder...which is nice if you want to do that.


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    Indeed, you do get to look at them before deciding on which one to play.
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    Sorry, I stand corrected.

    Re-reading the Rules again, what to do with the event cards IS mentioned in the section just before Rules of Play when difficulty levels are discussed.

    We just accidentaly started playing at Expert Level (effectively) and made it even more difficult by performing defy/move/trade BEFORE even looking at the cards.


    Maybe just me that misread/misunderstood.... no worries

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