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    Rules Question: Legion of Doom vs Ongoing Hero card in play

    So this came up and I was just wondering what happens. I've got Garfield Logan in Play when Legion of Doom comes up. "Ongoing: Hero cards lose all text, and have "+1 Power" instead.

    My thought was Garfield Logan gets discarded immediately, just want to make sure this is the correct way to handle this situation.

    Sorry if this is a duplicate. I searched and only found 2 references to Legion of Doom for the same post about Shapeshift.


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    Garfield Logan would not be discarded until your next end of turn step.
    Nathaniel Yamaguchi
    CZE Playtester & Designer

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    Okay I can see that. Since it does stick around for that next turn, does that mean the player in question has +1 power from that card during that next turn?

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