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    Arrowverse Base Set Opinions

    I would like to make a formal request to Cryptozoic about this but first I would like to know what would people think to see if it is even viable.

    I know we have the crossover set for Arrow and I see why, as when it came out there weren't much characters in the Arrowverse. However, it is weird to play along live action and drawn cards. Seeing the Arrowverse is now much more expanded with many of the characters used in the deckbuilding game now existing with live action versions, I think it is now a good idea to have a base set with them.

    Combining characters and items from all the DC-CW series such as Supergirl, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow, it should be pretty easy to complete a deck building base set.

    It might even attract people who see it on the shelves and watch the shows without knowing of the deckbuilding game as of now. I think it would more easily appeal the average joe.

    What do you people think?
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    I see your point, but I must disagree.

    The mixing of screenshots and artwork doesn't bother me. Having said that, I'd much rather see sets based on the comics, as there is much larger pool to choose from. It is also less of a "snapshot" in that the comic version of characters have all comic history to draw from, while the television versions only have a few TV seasons.

    More to the point, though, I think there are much more deserving themes that a big box can be made out of. Arrow already has a Crossover and the Flash family gets a big nod with The Rogues Crossover. I don't feel that the Arrow/Flash TV shows need any more attention. There are different characters on Legends of Tomorrow, but it would still feel like repeat characters in Hawkman, Captain Cold, Heatwave, and Vixen. Characters like The Atom and Firestorm really should have their comic counterparts put in SuperHero form first, in my opinion.

    I would like to reiterate that Jack Kirby's Fourth World (New Gods/Darkseid's Elite) are ripe for a set.

    Superman and Wonder Woman also really need sets that focus on them. I feel like they have been left behind in terms of character content.

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    Can't say I personally would be a big fan of an arrowverse base set. Another crossover? Yeah that might be cool. I'd rather see a base set on something that hasn't been touched yet, or at least not much.

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    I've been testing out a CW-verse deck. Very fun so far, especially playing as teams.

    Once I incorporate the Rogues stuff and finalize it, I'll post it!

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    I would be fine with a CW or Arrow'verse box. Lot of material to work with now.

    At the same time, with recent Crossovers having more main deck cards, I feel like JSA deserves a crossover vol.2 or its own box as well.

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