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    Firestorm Matrix, Happy Harbor, and Heroes?

    So I'm pretty sure this has been asked before, but for the life of me I can't find it anywhere on the forums.

    Last night my friend played the Firestorm Matrix and pulled a hero card (Stargirl) which gave him an ongoing of +2. He also had Happy Harbor in play which gives him +1 for each hero he plays during his turn. So the question came up, should he get +3 every turn for Stargirl ongoing with Happy Harbor or would it be +3 the first time and +2 every time after. Thanks for any insight!

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    +3 - Firestorm Matrix lets you play the card it revealed every turn if you destroy Matrix. However, I do believe you lose the ability to use Stargirl as a defense as you can no longer discard it from hand.

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    And you can't discard her from play to avoid an Attack.
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    Thanks for clearing that one up!

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