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    i just noticed something.... ive been collecting DC Deckbuilder for about 3 years, and ive been on this site on and off for about the same amount of time. why is today the first time ive ever even seen the naruto shippuden game on the web store? this is actually the first time i even seen this edition and it was released in 2014? im seriously confused.

    i think i now realize why cryptazoic games dont sell well. its time to fire who ever is in charge of marketing.

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    I'm not sure that just because *you* didn't notice something means that someone should be fired.

    There's a bunch of potential reasons for what you've experienced. Jumping to "fire the person you think is in charge of the experience" seems like a huge overreaction.

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    "im an idiot so read this if you want to have a good laugh"

    im not saying I didn't NOTICE the game, im saying IT WASNT LISTED. for the past 3 years ive shopped at this site and the only Naruto game ive seen was out of stock and it was the first one, not the shippuden game. I have never even seen the game mentioned in this thread until the other day, in fact I honestly thought the person starting this thread was talking about the first naruto game. and just mistakenly called it shippuden. after doing some research I found I was wrong. and when I googled the game the first site I got was the store on this website, which I have been looking on also. Im a massive fan of the Cerberus style games, especially the anime ones and DC. ive also collected the LOTR and Hobbit sets. i have attack on titan also(which i may add was not listed on this site the only place i saw an advertisement for attack on titan was out of a Preview catolog)I cant believe that after 3 years of shopping this site I would have missed the Shippuden game. especially since my friend has the first game and has been desperately wanting more content to add to it much like ive been adding to my DC collection. I have also commented on the fact that the Cryptazoic e store needs to be updated and items that are not for sale anymore should be removed so people are not confused that its still for sale. it seems that the e store has been recently updated, so that's a plus. maybe my opinion is a little harsh, but I do think it may have some merit.

    sorry im dumb
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    Quote Originally Posted by CushionRide View Post
    im not saying I didn't NOTICE the game, im saying IT WASNT LISTED.
    Yes, very good - I am aware of what you said.

    I never said it was any inattention on your part (yes, I said you didn't notice it - but only looking at one place for your source of information online seems ... short sighted.) I primarily said that you jumped to a hell of a conclusion.

    As I was writing my earlier reply, I went to look for it on the store, and it wasn't there. Not even a "out of stock" and listed -- not there at all. So I fully believe you when you say you never saw it on there (and not due to inattention on your part.)

    As a web developer, I can think of all sorts of reasons that would cause this that have nothing to do with marketing. So calling for the head of marketing to be fired is simply ludicrous.

    By all means - chastise Cryptozoic as a company for it not being listed. Tell them off that they potentially missed a sale to a dedicated customer. There's all sorts of criticism you could give that would be fine. But saying that the person in charge of marketing should be fired doesn't fall into that group. You went way beyond reasonable, and that hurts the real message that you should have been trying to convey -- that you were unhappy that you didn't know about the product, and you were assuming you were keeping an eye on the core source of such information.

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    ok im gonna respond by not even reading your response because I AM A TOTAL IDIOT. seriously. i was just talking to my friend who got his Naruto game at gencon, and aparantly yea its the same game we are talking about. for some stupid reason on my part i thought the game i used to see in the old web store was different than the actual game. he looked at me today and was wondering what i was talking about, and after he explained it to me. ..... well yea. HA HA soooo im gonna eat a hearty can of FOOT IN MOUTH and go back to my corner and sit. Y_Y sorry guys

    o by the way Carthain i think your taking the whole firing comment to seriously. some people throw comments out of their rear. i do on occasion. its like loosly saying 'i wanna kill that idiot' do i mean it , no, am i gonna do it , no. thats kinda where that comment was being placed. im sorry you got so personally offended by it.
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