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    Naruto DBG and the Original DCDB Playmat

    Anyone know a place on Canada to purchase a copy of the Naruto DBG? It is literally impossible to find where I live, and I don't seem to have much luck online.

    Also, did they ever release a playmat for the original game?

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    Not to my knowledge on the playmat, I live in the US so I wouldnt know where to direct you

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    No playmat was made for the game.
    You will have better luck calling dusty old hobby stores to find an unsold copy. Online folks know it is out of print and will want a lot of $$.
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    Matafer: I think Matt thought you were asking about a Naruto mat. If you're wondering about the original DC mat, I don't think it was ever at retail (I think it was a prize at tournaments/conventions). I got mine on Ebay - if you can find one for a good price, it's pretty nice!

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    Failing that, custom playmats can be found over at BGG.

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