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    Help with cards.

    I just got D.C. Deck builder forever evil. After playing I came up with some questions.
    1. For the super villain black Adam where you destroy a super power you play.... do you use the card and then destroy it or do you just destroy it?
    2. When useing Constantine where you gain the 3 cards; draw one put one on the deck and then destroy one. What happens if the card you want to destroy is either phantom stranger or death storm. Do they count as 10 VP or do you figure out their cost right then?
    3. What the heck does firestorm do? It made no sense to me on the card or the instructions.
    4. With the royal flush gang. After you draw 2 and have to discard 2. can one of the cards you discard be the RFG?
    Also I was confused on the VPs on that. Playing one gets you no VPs but how many do you get when you play two or three?

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    1) You resolve the text on the Super Power before destroying it.
    2) It would be 10 VP.
    3) When you play Firestorm you put the top card of your deck face up on your Super Villain. Then resolve it's text. The next time you play Firestorm you put the top card of your deck face up on your Super Villain and resolve the text of both cards. Repeat this every time you play Firestorm. Basically, every time you play Firestorm he get another effect added to his text box. So, if the first card is a Punch, Firestorm has +1 Power. If the second card is Johnny Quick, Firestorm has +1 Power and Draw a card.
    4a) No, unless otherwise stated, you can only discard cards from your hand. If you play RFG, it is now in play and no longer in your hand to be discarded.
    4b) Playing two would get you 2 VPs (1 each). Playing 3 wold get you 6 VPs (2 each).
    Nathaniel Yamaguchi
    CZE Playtester & Designer

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