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    Epic spell wars: Impatient Card! tech info needed

    Hi there traveller, so I bought that marvelous game yesterday.

    we played for 1hour or so, until that chaotic card came out of a 3 component spell (impatient). At this point we were 3 players, which two of them had 2 components spell and the other had 3 component spell with "IMPATIENT". We literally argued For 2 hours on the tech of the card and the rules in the book.

    the point of one of my friends and I was based off your rule book, " A player with a 1 card spell play before a player with 2 card spell, a player with 2 card spell play before one with 3." For us impatient wouldn't be "activated" before us having 2 card spell.Impatient !!!!.jpg.

    On is said, as the card say at the start of the initiative reveal this card and act first. We couldn't agree with the term initiative. Is the initiative starts while everyone tells how much component their spell while have Or when there's a conflict between two or more people having the same number of components.

    I hope this is clear, this was a war yesterday night. Clarify if a foe with two components would act before someone with 3 components (Included IMPATIENT) TY!

    Ps; other then our little conflict, we had yesterday, we played 7hours straight. We had a Blast... After removing impatient of the deck lol.

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    The Initiative starts once all spells are on the table. So if you have Impatient, you go first, no matter how many cards are in your spell.
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