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    Just my $.02, (but since a lot of the links in previous threads seem not to work anymore)....You can find the Ultra Pro Rigid sleeves on Amazon by searching: Ultra Pro Semi Rigid 1/2" Lip Tall Sleeves 200ct here is a link (for as long as it lasts): (approx $17) <or> Here on the Ultra Pro Home site: (approx $19)

    Hope this helps others like me who had to search long and hard...


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    I use this for mine:

    It's more per sleeve than the Amazon link above (17.38 cents each versus 9.49 cents) but handy if you don't need 200 right away. Of course, the 200 will be nice as eventually you'll fill it up with all the expansions and whatnot. I'm at ~90 oversized character cards not including the crisis mode versions.

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