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    DC Deckbuilder oversized sleeves.

    can I ask why hasn't crypazoic not made card sleeves for the oversized character cards???? I would think that would be a huge priority since my character cards are so over used they look like crap I finally couldn't take it no more and had them laminated. I had to figure out a way to protect them somehow. that and my robin card is signed by the artist. so I wanted that sig saved

    please Crypt come up with something for others it is really rough on those cards

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    I have seen some guys use these sleeves
    They look like they fit nicely.

    I myself use Game Plus 80mm x 120mm. They are a bit longer than I would like, however, I just shorten them using a guillotine

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    yea I tried those they suck, I just laminated my cards

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    I like the Ultra Pro ones. It's a little difficult to get the card in the first time, but once they are in, they stay in.

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    These fit perfect on the sides, but you'll need to trim the tops a bit.

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    Ultra pros are your best bet. They're big, but they're so rigid you're all but guaranteed your cards won't get damaged.

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    Are people using their character cards as coasters or frisbees? I use team bags to protect my oversized cards. They aren't rigid, but they don't require trimming to fit in the Multiverse box. And unless you or your fellow players are trying to fold the cards, they provide more than adequate protection.

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    Depends on use. When I first got my base set a few years ago, I was using three to four days a week, two to three times each day. The cards start to get messed up by repeated sloppy shuffling and sweaty hands.

    The oversize cards get a little less wear, but the main reason the semi-rigids are the best option is that there aren't really properly fitted regular sleeves for them. I've tried a few standard sleeve options, but the opening on them are so wide, the cards tended to slip out.

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    Slipping out is not a problem with team bags. The adhesive flap keeps the oversized cards fully sleeved on all sides. (Sure, the folded-over flap makes the tops a little thicker, but they still fit in the Multiverse box just fine.)

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    Hello all,

    This is the product that I started using for the Character cards (and new Multiverse Location cards.) This is a product that card shop stores that sell TCGS (ie. Magic, Pokemon, etc.) to bundle up singles for customers who order for pick up. They have an sticky back and are the dirt cheap. It's not a perfect seal so do be cautious with game night beverages but it's the best option considering Cryptozoic is still using a non-conventional sized card.

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