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    DC Deckbuilder Brutality mode ..... ok we just call it cards now...

    Rules are simple. first I have most characters available. I deal out 5 characters out to all my players. then we draft. pick one and pass. after the draft is over we pick one hero out of the set of 5 in our hand and stack the rest.
    that stack is the only character cards that can be swapped if superboy prime comes up.

    now we roll a die.
    on a 1 or 2 we pass our character to the left,
    on a 3-4 we pass to the right,
    on a 5-6 we keep our pick.
    this makes the game more unpredictable for the players.

    after that we decide who goes first. usually dice rolls determine that. now the fun part. and this is where the game gets really interesting.

    we reveal the main super villan for the game. first thing to understand in my game the last super is now the first one players deal with, the choices in my game are as follows, crisis antimonitor, crisis necron, Masahs, persuader, trygon, or Gogg. each one have effects that will make it hard for players to gain considerable momentum right away.

    now I bet you are wondering, where are the rest of the supervillans? well they are all shuffled into the main deck. so it makes people sweat when they buy from the lineup. you never know when a super is revealed. now, when a super is revealed from the maindeck and places in the lineup, his first appearance attack goes off. this is similar to the ambush style presented in the LOTR game.

    now we have some stipulations that are house rules that we adhere to. I know what your thinking, well if the supers are in the main deck what is stopping you from gaining them off the main deck with characters like shasam? simple, we have a rule in place that states if you attempt to gain off the top of the main deck and a super villain is revealed, it goes face down under the current stack of revealed super villains. any super villains revealed from filling the lineup are placed on top of the villain stack. however if a card affect forces the lineup to empty and refill and a super villain is revealed this way, the spot on the lineup does not refill until the actual refill step. if a super is revealed when refilling the lineup at the end of the turn then that spot refills after the super resolved its FA attack. this rule insures that you cannot just gain supers from effects like old riddler or shasam. however if the supers can be destroyed or placed under heros and gained from those perspective piles.

    also to preserve the uniqueness of the game only certain cards have duplicates in the game. manhunters, cold guns, royal flush gangs, all have their sets. everything else in the game is unique and no two cards are alike, we also have a house rule if you buy from the lineup you are not allowed to buy the super villain, we are allowed to use card effects to gain from the lineup without buying them, you can do this and still buy the super. well what do you think.

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    o also when I mean no duplicates in the game, I mean no duplicate personalities kyle raynor and the emerald knight, I use emerald knight, that's just an example

    another house rule....
    I also allow all characters well now except bizzaro and black lightning. both of those are totally broken especially in my game. but any card that effects your "superhero" card now effects it as a character card, so Super Villain cards can be affected too.

    for example, Jericho can copy the text of say..... deathstroke, if needed, this eliminates the .. o I don't have a hero advantage.
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