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    Scenario Card for Tully Campaign - Error with Scenario Card #3?

    I see the Theater Ghost referenced on Scenario #3 but I cannot find him on the map. Will someone at Cryptozoic comment?

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    Unfortunately, it looks like the Scenario card does indeed have an error on it. The Titanic Ghost on Tile M3 of the map is meant to be the Theatre Ghost instead.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I will make note. Is Scenario # 2 of the Scoleri brothers campaign correct? It states to trap 10 classes of ghosts to win but I don't even count 10 classes of ghosts on the entire map. Can you explain? I ended up skipping this scenario.

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    I've been told the map for Scoleri 2 is correct. With regards to the 10 classes of ghosts, though, there were a couple of points that I wanted to double-check were clear:

    1. The objective is to deposit ghosts with a combined class total of 10 or more, not to deposit ghosts of 10 different classes.

    2. Haunted Humans are ghosts.

    Hopefully one of those two things is what was causing the confusion.

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    Thanks. That was the point of confusion. Getting a total of 10 class rating is a lot easier. I thought you had to deposit 10 ghost of different classes. Yeah that was confusing.

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