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    Out of print titles

    I have just gotten into these deck building games but I notice some of the products are out of stock at my usual online retail places. Is that just them or are some of these items out of print?

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    The only ones that are out of print totally are Naruto, Street Fighter, Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit.
    The rest are either still in print or have enough copies out there that you can find with some digging.

    3012 and Penny Arcade are also out of print, but they aren't Cerberus Engine, so I suspect that was not the question.
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    Everything, including out of print, typically is on

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    Although Naruto at least on amazon is being gouged for above 150 bucks, you typically can find most in an under 100 dollar capacity, most under 40, the only ones I saw that were above were Naruto, Fellowship of the Ring and Desolation of Smaug.

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    The three LOTR I got on Amazon for ~$12-20 apiece . Hobbit I also got on Amazon for $10, expansion I finally found someone on eBay selling a new copy for a fair price. Street Fighter I just picked up a used copy on eBay for $20 last week, but that and Naruto is, as has been mentioned, usually drastically overpriced. This is all over the last 2 years or so. My sister's family is into games and I used to have to learn some new complicated one every time we got together. My life is so much easier now that I keep them supplied with games in the same engine.

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    There are copies of Naruto out there somehwere at reasonable prices. I managed to find a copy in Wales for about 40euros i think and had it shipped to Australia. That was a bastard to find though. I got really lucky just looking at every online store from a hobby shop, after calling every shop shop in my state finding nothing.

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    Thanks to all for sharing experiences of tracking down the games. Right now I am only playing DC but found one or two of those out of stock at my two normal online places. But what I am getting also is that none of these mentioned are going to be reprinted?

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    Which ones that you are looking for are out of print? Maybe we can help you locate them?

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    Miniature Market Did have Heroes Unite listed as out of stock but now they have 2 of them. I also thought CardHaus was out of it but it was the Heroes Unite playmat they are out of. It seems that now MM is only out of the base game and I think I have that coming Saturday in a trade. I have been playing a friend's copy and enjoying it quite a bit.

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    Check amazon, at least for DC Deck builder you should find most of the sets at a reasonable price and if you want every card including promos check ebay, amazon and board game geek

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