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    Cadmus Labs and Cross Over #5 Super Villains

    If using the Rogues super villains with the teen titans set of DC Deck Builder what happens if you team work an opponent, they reveal a legal target for Cadmus Labs and you then use that location to bounce that card to your own hand? Do you effectively steal the card for the rest of the game?

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    Cards in hand are discarded before you resolve "end of turn" effects.
    Therefore, the card you stole is no longer in a hidden zone at end of turn, and will return to the top of the owner's deck.
    Bouncing it and then playing it achieves the same result.
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    yes you must remember that the original effect overrides anything you play within its bubble, time travel works under the same instance, for example if I used time travel then hourglassed the card I time traveled, we had a long discussion over what would happen.

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