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Thread: Promo Cards

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    I seriously hope you have errata'd black lightning if not it will go im my banned box as soon as I get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CushionRide View Post
    I seriously hope you have errata'd black lightning if not it will go im my banned box as soon as I get it.
    It has been. "X cannot be 0."
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    he can be broken with 1 costs too. for example........ I have a total of 7+ different 1 cost cards in my main deck, all have to play is per degaton, or lightning strike, and use 1 costs. still infinite combo. ive said this before, he needs to be ONE USE ONLY. that is the only way he is not broken. AND what I want to know, is, is your new errata going to be printed on the card. it needs to be. or else people that don't visit the forum like us, will go nuts on his wording like my group did.

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    Sounds like your group needs to relax. "X cannot be 0" is more than enough. Making him once per turn only would nerf him into the ground. What makes promo cards fun is that they have unusual abilities, and not every loophole in the game needs to be sealed up airtight.

    My group was actually really upset to hear about the errata. It makes him a much less interesting card for us. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a pre-errata copy at one of BenJazz's tournaments, and it's been a lot of fun for us without ever breaking the game, so that's the version we intend to keep using. If "X cannot be 0" isn't a strict enough addition for your group, go ahead and house rule that he can only be used once a turn.

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    your group is upset about the errata because they like over powered characters

    here is my first experience with Black Lightning. before we knew there was errata for him. we used to play double characters just for fun. once in a while it got OP but it was still interesting to see what you could come up with. my friend wound up with black lighting and shazam. and he was grinning ear to ear. me not suspecting anything was like sure lets do this. and I had a good combo too so I wasn't to worried. right off the top of the deck he got bumblebee. ok didn't care. I wound up with avatar of the rot right away. cool ill start flushing him with weaknesses. sweet. not sweet. with only 2 weaknesses he literally bought the entire main deck. our game lasted about 10 turns.. bumblebee and 2 weeknesses without errata gave him infinite power and he could do it every turn as long as he had a discard pile and a weekness in hand. which I was providing.

    so I agree with the errata. to a point. until the same friend broke him again with the errata using what I just posted above. yes it happens. lol heck in confrontations he broke felix faust right off the start the first time we played the game. he got THE DEEP location. it was sooo stupid. but wait. hold on. im reading this card for the first time. its black lightning as a location WTF. and its once per turn lol HA HA HA......
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    The great thing is a group doesn't have to play with a specific character if they don't want to. If they feel a card is too over-powered or under-powered, then they can decide on a house-rule or choose not to play with that character. Given ALL the characters with such VARYING mechanics that Cryptozoic has come out with I expect there to be some outliers in both directions. It is hard to avoid given the breadth of releases in the series.

    Also, as we get further into discussion, I would like to throw out the friendly reminder to be mindful of others participating in the discussion and respect differing viewpoints. There isn't always a right or wrong answer to a topic.

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