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    Love this idea of a companion box for the oversized cards! Cryptozoic...? Your move.

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    I really like this box and it even fits my broken token dividers so I can more or less keep the same organizational style I was using before I got the box, and once I get my sleeves and shipment of semi-rigid sleeves for the oversized I'll be set

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    Quote Originally Posted by mou201 View Post
    Love this idea of a companion box for the oversized cards! Cryptozoic...? Your move.
    I'd gander they won't look into that until a few more big boxes come out. I figure some time next summer we'll see either the next big box or crisis set, but the box still has plenty of room as of now so there is no actual need yet for a companion box for strictly the oversized, probably once more sets come out and it fills up the box they'll consider it

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    Crypto Website: "Inside the DC Comics Deck-Building Game Multiverse Box, you can store all of the currently available cards with plenty of room for expansions to come"

    Me: O_o... Shadowking, hold my beer.

    *10 minutes later*


    So, about that "plenty of room" thing...

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    You have to the store the cards vertically as well there is no way I saw to put the cards in horizontally

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    DimeDrl, I was assuming based off what I had seen already, I haven't set mine up yet waiting on both sleeves for the regular cards and oversized that I ordered, should be here tomorrow

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    Mine fits well, with a fair bit of room remaining.

    That said ....

    I only have one set of punches/vulnerabilities/kicks/weaknesses in the box. Only ever need one set - so why bother sleeving up the others? (nobody has ever complained that those core cards aren't matching)

    I also have sleeved up Street Fighter and put it in there. No attempt to put LOTR/Hobbit into the box; only DC (+ SF 'cause there was room)

    So what are you doing different? (I'm assuming you have all the punches/kicks/etc from all the sets in there .. anything else?)

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    He like me, probably did put all the punches/kicks/vulnerabilities/weaknesses in there and for me at least I prefer to have each punch/kick/vulnerabilitiy/weakness, allocated to the set it belongs to, I have ocd when it comes to my games and it will legitimately bother me if it isn't that way and crypto said you can store all available cards with plenty of room with expansions to come, not take out all starters except one sets worth is what dimedrl is saying

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    Hmmm I'll have to get my other punches/etc and put them in the box, see how it looks (and take out SF ... just for comparisons).

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    DimeDrl's right, there isn't enough room for future expansions, I had to stuff, the first 4 sets worth of oversized with the crisis and that was all I was able to fit. More than likely I'll be moving my oversized to another box so I don't have trouble getting at them

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