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    Insides of Multiverse

    Does anyone have any inside pictures of the Index cards and insides of the Multiverse box?

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    Someone posted some pics of it here last night:

    In case you can't get there, I copied the pic here as well. Not my pic/set so I can't help much more than that.

    I'm just excited to get my own soon! The cube has pretty much overflowed the standard box at this point.


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    It looks like they only included the Punches, Vulnerabilities, Kicks, and Weaknesses from 1 set.

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    I saw that, looks like I'll keep my custom seperators I'm currently using and make more as well, because jumbling them all together is not that organized if you ask me, I would've prefered not having those tabs as opposed to only one set of them because my current organization option already has each sets, punches, kicks, vulnerabilities and weaknesses seperated by sets

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    I dont believe my box came with the confrontations divider? Lol

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    There is a divider and randomizer in the Confrontations box.
    Matt Hyra
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    Can't wait to pick mine up later today and figure out how exactly I'm going to arrange everything

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    I got mine a week ago - it's well made and a great price at $25 imo. Dividers are strong, i like the foam to help protect, plus it fits everything in sleeves as advertised.

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    Yep, I sort of wish there was a little more room so I could have the oversized facing the same way as the rest of the cards but overall it is an awesome box

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    This is a wonderful product, much needed. Now, eventually it will need a companion piece for the oversize cards.

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