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    Attack on Titan Question on Titan dice

    So I played my first game of AoT and enjoyed it a lot. I did have one question that I THINK I found the answer for in the rules, but I wanted to be sure.

    I believe it's phase 3, where the titan gets to activate his powers based on titan faces rolled by the players. I guess my question is 2-fold:

    Do the players get back ONLY the dice that were USED by the titan to resolve a power? (rulebook says to "return the used dice", which makes me think the answer is yes)

    If the answer is yes, is using dice for powers compulsory or could I choose not to use ANY powers to prevent the corp members from rerolling them?

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    They only get back the dice the Titan chooses to use at this time. At the end of the round, they get the rest back.
    The Titan is not forced to use any of the dice if it doesn't wish to.
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