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    Multiverse Character and Champion Selection Charts

    I put together selection charts for both the Champions and the Over-sized Characters to help with Multiverse setup and cleanup. I use an app called Random UX to set the number range and select the No Repeat option. The players can then write down their Character options and 3 champions and then pull from the corresponding sets. I felt the pre and post game sorting was a bit more than I felt comfortable with so I figured this would be a strong alternative some players would appreciate. I plan to just print these out, double-sided on a sheet of paper and keep it with the Multiverse box. Additionally, players could use dice to make some of these selections if they have d10's and other dice that can act as the 10's place.

    For the Character Chart, set the number range based on the sets, expansions, and promos you want to include. If you are missing character cards, feel free to skip that number if it comes up on the app.

    Multiverse Character Selection Chart-1.jpg

    For the Champion Chart, set the number range for each cost of Champions based on the mode you are playing. You will need to select all of the Cost 9, 10, 11, or 12 Champions separately, then move on to the next cost set of Champions. The Impossible-Mode Champions and Cost 12 Champions are shown for the Impossible-Mode version of Multiverse.

    Multiverse Champion Selection Chart-1.jpg

    Additional Notes:
    - Matt Hyra recommended not to use Swamp Thing given his ability could become overpowered. His number is marked in red to identify this recommendation.
    - Matt Hyra recommended not to use the Rivals and Confrontations over-sized Characters. Given that the 12 cost Characters from Rivals have been accepted as potential characters in regular use, I made all the 12 cost Character numbers blue so the players can choose to use them by extending the number range. The Cost 9 and Cost 15 are numbered with red.
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