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    Quote Originally Posted by TanisFrey View Post
    Does the Rivals card Abandoned Amusement Park interact with the Confrontations niceness rule for who you can confront on you turn?

    The niceness rule states that you cannot confront a opponent with a 12 cost oversized before all your opponents with 9 cost oversized have been defeated and 12 cost must be confronted before cost 15.

    The Abandoned Amusement Park has Ongoing: Increase the cost of your character by 1.

    If these interact then player with Abandoned Amusement Park would be the last one that can be confronted in a cutthroat game. Is this correct?
    Yes, it interacts. You have to Confront the lowest-cost foe. So the player with AAP in play would normally be Confronted after their teammate. Or after the other two players in a 3p game.
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