The player board for Darlok and Meklar races have mixed up the images and the names. The game still plays fine, but it kind of kills the theme - which matters to many people in a licensed game like this.

Opened a ticket with Cryptozoic support about the board misprints to see if there was any plan to fix, or if replacements were available. They replied by saying it's unfortunate, but the whole printing was like this so no replacement boards are available. I also suggested they release a PDF fix so that players could print their own correction (this could be full board, or just the image portion that needs to be replaced), but received only a non-committal "we'll look into it" response.

Thought it worth posting in the forums here because:
(a) others deserve to know about the error before buying, and
(b) I'd be thrilled to hear from anyone else at Cryptozoic if there is a fix being planned.