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    Sleeve Recommendation

    Just looking for a sleeve recommendation for the regular cards. My DBG games don't get played much, my sisters family's sets get a lot of use, was going to get them some sleeves. They've got 3 base sets and 3 expansions so that's... a bunch of sleeves, I'll figure it out later. I just want to go on Amazon and order them all at once and be done with it, so want to get it right in one shot. Thanks

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    After trying out tons of sleeves over the years, I have settled on these for all of my non-TCGs that have standard sized cards:

    Once they get slightly roughed up from a few minutes of shuffling, they are great. Fair amount of protection, no peeling or flaking of graphic and matte finishing, and they hold up extremely well even after hundreds of games. They are fairly inexpensive and are very consistent in individual quality and cut.

    I know some people are just completely against clear sleeves though. With needing a large amount of sleeves however, I cannot recommend a single brand that will give you the same shade of color across even one whole box of sleeves, much less a case worth.
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    Ultra pro will give you the most bang for your buck when buying in bulk. You can get boxes of 600 sleeves on amazon for like $27

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    Those are POOP! I play Magic on a highly competitive basis. I would recommend double sleeving your cards. You will want to use a KMC brand "Perfect Fit" and either a KMC brand mat sleeve for the outter... way better shuffle.

    For the oversized cards, Cryptozoic used a non-standard size. The easist solution that I have found so far is Ultra Pro's Team bags: It's cheap product but works not too shabby.

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    1800 sleeves for $24 flat. I use these exclusively because they are clear and let you see the card backs so there's no digging for the special cards. Also, if they break, the sleeves aren't expensive to replace and you have a bunch.

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    So is there any consensus on which is the best card sleeve to use. Clear on both sides, matt on one side, or what?

    Would appreciate an link if possible as I will be buying all my DC deck-building games from them. I'm from South Africa so want to do one big purchase.

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    I think its all up to personal preference I prefer the ultra pro but there are people who prefer others

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowking01 View Post
    I think its all up to personal preference I prefer the ultra pro but there are people who prefer others
    Ultra pro clear on both sides?

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    I use Dragon Shields for mine. Typically the only sleeves I've had to replace have been on starter cards since they get the heaviest amount of play. Over the last several years and hundreds upon hundreds of games played, I've only had to replace a handful of sleeves.

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    The ultra pro I use are clear one one side and black on the other

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