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    Lightbulb Multiverse Dividers

    Hello Cryptozoic,

    I would like to know if there are any plans to release a package with MORE dividers for the Multiverse Box. In all honesty, we will never use the "Randomizer" function. I found it FAR easier to use the BASE Sets for the Main Line Up and the EXPASSION Sets (ie. Crisis & Crossovers) for the Multiverse Line Up. We use the top 5 x #of Player cards off the Main/Multiverse Line Up deck to resolve the search cards in this box. Separating the sets into like 10 different piles slows down the game WAY too much.


    I would like to see dividers for each of the major card types: Equipment, Hero, Villians, Super Power, Crisis, Event, Super Hero/Super Villain, and Super Hero/Super Villain Impossible Mode. This is out I separate the cards in the box. It helps ensure variarity in the shuffle by separating the types.

    I was disppointed that this approach was used for for the cards like Punch and Weakness. I understand you were trying to promote a game play variant but in all honest the majority of us purchase the product as a storage solution for our games.

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    We'll have to think about it.
    Matt Hyra
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    I'd like to second this. Even if its as a multiverse dividers finseal pack.

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