The Multiverse Line-Up becomes a messy and time consuming element with the Randomizer mechanic. The Randomize mechanic requires you to sort your collection by set at the end of each game. Players will a favorite set (usually because of a mechanic included) will almost always choose the same set reducing the variation on the game.

The Main Deck will now only consist of the Base Sets:
  • Base Set
  • Heroes Unite

The MULTIVERSE is a deck will consist of the following Base Sets:
  • Teen Titans
  • Forever Evil

The MULTIVERSE is a deck will consist of the following types of released cards:
  • Crisis Expansions
  • Crossover Expansions
  • Promo Cards

Without the Randomizer, psudo sets will be created from either the MULTIVERSE (Base Set) deck or the MULTIVERSE (Sets) deck (appropriate to the effect.) The random psudo set is created from the corresponding deck. (If any cards were revealed to one or more players, move those cards aside while creating sets then return them to the top in the same order.) A set will consist of 4 cards for each player in the game (this is based upon the number of starting players if a player elimination variant is in effect.)

Quick Reference
  • 8 Cards for a 2 Player Game
  • 12 Cards for a 3 Player Game
  • 16 Cards for a 4 Player Game
  • 20 Cards for a 5 Player Game

In order to choose a Set a random, the player simply rolls a 6-sided die then chooses the pile that corresponds to the rolled number. If the roll does not correspond to a pile (ie a 5 is rolled in a 4 player game) the player chooses a pile.

In the event that a psudo set does not contain the necessary cards to complete the search, the player expands that search to a second psudo set. The player cannot search more psudo sets than there are active players (which will help simulate a set being depleted.)

The sets after the search are suffled into a single pile until sufficiently randomized than placed on the bottom of the deck.

When a player causes a new Event Line-Up to be created, use the same steps as detailed above to create sets. Select one of the two MUTLIVERSE decks, create set piles (same as above), then select a single pile. Shuffle remaining piles then place them onto the bottom. Shuffled pile and place on top of the respective deck. Draw 5 from the deck to create the new Event Line-Up.