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    Adult Swim Cartoon Network DBG

    Love the DBG's you guys have put out. I have all of them, and I've been a fan since the original. Any chances we'll ever see an Adult Swim Cartoon Network DBG? There are so many shows, and with the two CN crossover crisis dbg's, you'd think an adult version would be made!

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force
    Harvey Birdman
    Space Ghost
    Venture Bros
    China, IL

    Also, what ever happened to the expansions fir the street fighter and capcom games? Mega Man would be an amazing one to make.

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    It's possible that we could do an AS DBG.

    As for SF and MM, sometimes "possible" doesn't work out.
    Matt Hyra
    Cryptozoic R&D

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    This would be pretty awesome. You could do a DBG on Aqua Teen Hunger Force alone!

    But I don't know how well it would sell. Ignignokt and Err would hate it.

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    I would buy it...I need MeatWad and Shake main characters!

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    I would love an ATFH stand alone set. There are so many great characters. I just hope the events would be kept out, or used for variant play. The quotes alone would make the game

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