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    Fairest Superhero bidding system?

    I'm making a combined Base+HU deck for people to play with at home (I cut about 40 cards). I balanced the mana curve and type ratios so it's a well-rounded deck.

    I will have 16 superheroes to pick from, including Starfire. Randomly distributing them is the default method, but no one likes that since you could get a hero that you really don't enjoy playing. But when one hero is desired by more than one player, you have to use an alternate method of dealing them out. In Base + HU, there's no need to ban anyone I don't think, but there are also weaker heroes that no one wants to be dealt randomly.

    What are the bidding systems that you guys use? I'm looking for some more creative ways of bidding for heroes than just randomly dealing them. I would really like to find a system that can handle the scenario where one hero is wanted by multiple players in a fair way.
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    Before Multiverse, I used to break everything down into a tier system (Tier 1 being the best characters, Tier 4 being the worst, then everything in between). It worked fairly well for the most part, as 1s would only play against other 1s, with occasional 2s, while 4s wouldn't be stuck playing against 1s, and other unbalanced situations.

    Multiverse kinda threw all of this into upheaval, however it also creates a lot more interesting scenarios, as now someone like Kyle Rayner might be able to compete with someone like Shazam because of mechanics like the Multiverse locations, or due to whatever set(s) happens to be dealt.

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    I'm only going to be playing 1 hero, and only those from Base + HU. Also we're playing multiplayer, not 1v1. So the "best" heroes in this group are all close enough that it's probably safe to pick your favorite from the whole list. I've tried to come up with a way to allow competition over characters, but other than cards in your opening hand I'm not sure how to effectively allow people to bid. I think a random component to a bid system would be good. I assumed that people had already come up with ways to do this.

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    What I usually do with my group is deal 3 to each person and then they can at least pick the best one out of the three. Another option I've seen, I think it was in one of the rule books for one of the sets, is set out twice as many heroes as you have players. Randomly decide who gets to go first. They eliminate one hero that nobody can choose. Go in order eliminating, and then going in reverse order, players can choose which of the remaining heroes they want.

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    I do it the way Cryptozoic does at their tournament. Amount of players x2 plus one for the hero pool. Players roll dice to determine first. The player going first bans the first character. They take turns banning u til it’s the lastplayers turn to ban. That player bans and picks a guy to play. Then go in opposite order until you get to the player going first. That player gets their choice of the last two guys. Everyone in my player group is hyper competitive and this works great for us.

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    3 players =7 heroes (aquaman,cyborg, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, green arrow, hawk man
    Roll dice to go first
    Person going first bans cyborg
    Person going second bans Superman
    Person going last bans Wonder Woman and picks to play aquaman
    Person going second picks hawkman
    Person going first picks between green arrow and Batman.
    We find this fair.

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