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    Cards I cut from combining Base + HU

    I wanted the increased diversity of cards and Superheroes that would come from combining two sets (as well as more Supervillains), but I also wanted to retain the synergy and balance that comes from having a manageable deck size. I also wanted to keep the game pretty simple so I could play it with new players, or people who are not experienced gamers. So I decided to combine the most suitable cards from the Base Set and Heroes Unite, and cut the ones that did not work as well in a combined deck. Keep in mind that the relative power levels of cards and heroes are much different when the game is restricted to these two sets than when all cards are playable.

    I intended this to be played in multiplayer, so I wanted the cards to have a flatter power level than you would get just from set. Combining select cards from two sets is a good way to achieve this. I took a utilitarian approach, trying to retain the power of the most heroes as possible, and minimizing the number of heroes and cards that lose effectiveness.

    1. One way to ensure this is to make sure that the ratios of each card type maintain as close to the designed ratios as possible. Here are the percentages of each card type from these two sets, averaged:
    Villain 28.9%
    Hero 28.0%
    Equipment 24.4%
    Super Power 14.2%
    Location 4.44%
    So as long as I stayed close to these numbers, the balance of any heroes that depend on card type frequencies will be preserved. This pressure to retain the right ratios of card types had to be considered with all other factors.

    2. Second, I cut cards based on power level. Some cards allow a player to ramp power too quickly, and they have to be cut in order to minimize the variance in power that comes from flipping over a random card. Some cards are also too weak or narrow, and so will clog up the lineup since no one will buy them. Cutting cards at both extremes of power also helps to smooth the average strength of cards, making it easier to balance the Superheroes also.

    3. Third, I removed most of the cards which lose their value when diluted in a larger deck which does not conform to the specific mechanics of that set. The cards designed to buff Red Tornado's ability are some basic examples of this. Most heroes do not value milling, and their effects get significantly worse when combined with a lot of non-milling cards. Incidentally, Red Tornado's power doesn't change a huge amount without all the milling cards, anyway. In contrast, I kept Suicide Squad, which is still a good card even though the VP power is slightly reduced.

    The deck I ended up with is 150 (83+67) cards. The mean number of cards between DC and HU is 112.5, and this is 33.33% larger than that, so it's not unmanageable. I also preserved the card type ratios very closely:
    Original Modified
    Villain 28.9% 29.3%
    Hero 28.0% 27.3%
    Equipment 24.4% 24.0%
    Super Power 14.2% 14.0%
    Location 4.44% 5.33%
    I also increased the number of Supervillains in same proportion. I chose Supervillains with both strong first appearances and attacks in order to make the game more challenging. I settled on these 16 (1.333*12):

    Ra’s Al Ghul
    Black Manta
    Mr. Freeze
    The Joker
    Lex Luthor
    Black Adam
    Felix Faust
    The Anti-Monitor

    Finally, here are the cards I cut (all copies);

    Green Arrow
    Emerald Knight
    Green Arrow’s Bow
    King of Atlantis
    Lasso of Truth
    Princess Diana of Themyscira
    The Bat-Signal
    Titan’s Tower
    X-Ray Vision
    Zatanna Zatara
    Gorilla Grodd

    Brother Blood
    Daughter of Gotham City
    Granny Goodness
    Helmet of Fate
    Killer Croc
    Kyle Rayner
    Plastic Man
    Red Lantern Corps
    Warrior Princess
    White Lantern Power Battery
    Winged Warrior
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    This should probably be in the other thread you made about the bidding system. No point in splitting the quetion up from the proposed answer. And related items.

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    This has nothing to do with bidding systems. It's a different topic altogether.

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    "I'm making a combined Base+HU deck for people to play with at home (I cut about 40 cards). I balanced the mana curve and type ratios so it's a well-rounded deck."

    Both of them are about your combined set. May as well keep all that info together.

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    Nope. Bidding system is not about this.

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    I feel like heroes should be a higher percentage of the main deck than heroes considering the stack is all villains if you’re only using those two sets. I’d just play with all cards from both sets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atmoz View Post
    I feel like heroes should be a higher percentage of the main deck than heroes considering the stack is all villains if you’re only using those two sets. I’d just play with all cards from both sets.
    The ratios are very close. The average percentage of heroes in these two sets is 28.0%. After my cuts, the final percentage is 27.7%. Changing the ratio would unbalance any heroes or effects that depend on the hero card type. Why would you change them?

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    Because if I were to cut cards I’d prefer villains and heroes to be in line with each other, and including the stack, villains would be pretty favored. But personally like I mentioned before, I’d rather just play with everything mixed together personally. Allows for more card interactions to keep the game fresh. But if you and your group have fun playing this way then by all means continue playing this way. Having fun is the most important at the end of the day.

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    The real villain concentration is always higher than the percent given in the maindeck, no matter what set or combination of sets you are using. The default method of just combining multiple sets together preserves this as well. So in my case, I'm using a modified deck which has almost the same ratio of villains as any base set, or mixture of whole sets. So this is the same balance as using all the cards together.
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