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    The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary

    Just curious as to when this game is coming out, if at all. Throughout this past year, Amazon has listed a release date, but when that date arrives, it gets pushed back a month or so. When THAT date arrives, it gets pushed back again. A few days ago the release date was December 3rd, and now it's listed as January 5th. What's the deal?

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    Factory slowdowns pushed things back.
    We pledged to get the Kickstarter backers their stuff first. Unfortunately, all the add-ons met with unexpected difficulties at the factory.
    So that caused us to push back the retail release.
    The backers stuff is on the water now. Most should have it by the end of January.
    At that point we can nail down a retail release date.
    The dates you are seeing on Amazon are not our posted dates. Those are third party sellers trying to secure preorders.
    Matt Hyra
    Cryptozoic R&D

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    So I got the game, and was really disappointed. Way too complicated, and you "grapple" a walker to defeat it? I've watched every episode from S1 to present, and I've never seen a Survivor "grapple" a Walker. WTF? lol. Shoot it, decapitate it, yep. But never grapple one. I was really hoping the element of "don't shoot it, you'll attract more of them" would be present, but not so much. And plus, the whole "go against the leader" thing isn't really there in the show. Really disappointed about waiting as long as I did.

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    Oh darn, that's not hopeful... I've ordered the complete package with all extra's and expansions and we're about to play that 24th of this month.... ouchie

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