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    Modular Deck Design & Construction

    I've been away for quite some time, working on various IPs for the Hero engine, and I think I've come up with a rather unique deck construction technique. Borrowing many elements from both the Confrontations box set as well as the Multiverse box, the basic idea is to design modules for the various Super Heroes that we play as. Starting with a count of 13 cards per Character, one could build a module consisting of 7 or 8 Heroes/Villains, 1 Location, and 4 or 5 Super Powers/Equipment.

    All cards in each module would have the same cost, so swapping out different modules would always keep the costs. You would simply need 8 total modules (4 Super Heroes & 4 Super-Villain to maintain a rather even ratio of Heroes to Villains). All cards with feature a Characters symbol (like Confrontations) for each disassembly.

    The basic run down of card costs is a follows:
    Heroes and Villains will be limited to single copies, while Super Powers and Equipment would have no more than two copies.

    Another unique twist I've come up with (inspired by Multiverse Champions) is to combine Super Hero and Super-Villain (non-Character) cards into a single type called Champions. They would still have the Hero and Villain type but share a card color (purple) and secondary type (Champion).

    I'm going to first flesh this out with a Marvel inspired VS deck coupled with the idea of Champions (cost 9,10 & 11 cards). I feel this will allow for more unique decks as everyone would have at least 13 cards catered to their unique Character. As long as you don't abuse the idea of using the same 8 Characters over and over, your deck constructions options will be limitless providing you have enough modules.

    I do realize that this doesn't integrate well with the already available cards currently in print (except Confrontations), but it does open the possibility of fan-created content. What does everyone think?
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