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    Yeti Tier backer here, AMA!

    Hello everyone. New to the forums here, mostly here on a bit of hunt though.

    Bur first is first, I am a Yeti tier backer of the Ghsotbusters 2 Board Game, where I was able to create my own Ghostbuster for the game. Why didn't I come to the forum? Honestly, I don't know why I didn't head here, usually not big on forums as much as I was.

    But with that aside, I do want to say that I am fairly active over on the Ghostbusters Board Game, unofficial, Facebook page. Over there, just like here I assume, we talk about the game, share ideas, show off painted figures all that. But also, we have myself, and 3 other Yeti backers. We all are willing to share 3D codes. So if you want to use mine at the very least, feel free to ask, or hope on over to the Facebook page and check out the 'Files' section and get a load of all the other things we've share.

    Also, if there are any other Yeti, or even the Specter Slayer backer here, please let me know! I'd love get codes, and cards for my game!

    Just a heads up, I might not get to questions until tomorrow cause things are already late for me and we all know, work calls in the morning.

    Til then, happy gaming!

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    I am playing. I missed the Kickstarter event but I acquired all of the items in good condition via Ebay. Basically I have the Kickstarter Ghostbusters I & II pacts, Taxi-Drivers & Spectral Ghostbusters, Slimer Expansion, Tulley Expansion (came in box of Ghostbusters II), the add-ons to Ghostbusters II, Peoplebusters, and Real Ghostbusters pact.

    Overall, I am happy with the game. The Scoleri Bros. Scenarios have some major issues though. Basically don't play Scenario 2 & 3 with the Goo Timer and you are fine.

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