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    Question Anatomy park rule clarification

    Awesome looking game, but the instructions are a bit lacking. Could you please clarify the following;

    1- When moving characters, transit tiles don't count towards the move limit. The question is, is a move counted when moving from a basic tile onto a transit tile? Or does the move count occur based on the tile you move to?

    2- If a character is on a tile that is detached from the park (cannot trace a tile path back to the entrance tile) they are moved to the entrance tile at the end of turn. Does this only occur if that tile is by itself, making it impossible to move at all? Or does it occur on any tile that cannot reach the entrance? What if the entrance tile is detached (as entrance tile can be moved as a result of a bodily reaction)

    3- If a transit tile is moved (as a result of BR) is it the whole transit chain that moves or just that individual tile? If individual, and the tile is in the middle of the chain, does anything happen to the remainder of the chain? Absolutely zero direction regarding moving transit tiles, aside from the mention that BR's can move them.

    4- Control cubes. Not really any information about these aside from them being placed when directed by a tile/BR and that you remove a previous cube to add to the new tile when your cubes are exhausted. Are these 'directions' the only time/way these cubes are used? Do they represent anything other than the documented tie-breaker criteria?

    Outside of these questions, I do have another issue. It seems, based on the listed box contents, that I have been shorted 2 of the plastic stands. Although not specifically indicated on the contents list, the list does specify 6 character and 6 disease standees, for a total of 12 standees. There are only 10 of the plastic stands in the box. (2 red + 8 black)

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    1. Based on the tile you move onto. So moving from a Basic to Transit costs no Move.

    2. If the Character is on a tile or grouping of tiles that becomes detached, they teleport to the Entrance. If the Entrance is detached, re-attach it where it was at end of turn.

    3. When you move a Transit tile, you move that one single tile. The chain or lack thereof remains as is and still retains the 0 Move rule. Not specifically mentioned in the rulebook, as there is no actual difference between moving a Basic tile and a Transit tile.

    4. The tiles that ask for a Control Cube mention some form of scoring that takes place at end of game. The Control Cube is used so players know who scores that particular tile. They are also a tie-breaker, but that is a very, very small role they play.

    Good questions!

    As for the Standee count, I updated the webpage with the correct amount (what you have). Sorry about that. Sometimes the specs change after we post previews.
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    Thanks for the clarification.

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_Hyra View Post
    As for the Standee count, I updated the webpage with the correct amount (what you have). Sorry about that. Sometimes the specs change after we post previews.
    I assumed that the count was based on the number of character/disease cards, which was correct (6 characters, 6 diseases) I just assumed that there should be enough plastic stands for each of them.

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