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    Walking Dead - No Sanctuary: 2 Questions concerning rules...

    just received the kickstarter and test - played it.


    what happens, when all your characters are fully stressed?
    Itīs not mentioned in the rules that you lose the game and if youīre fully stressed you can still gain stress which is changed to group tension. But if no one can take the job of the leader then you canīt continue.

    If you transfer leadership willingly, you discard one stress but if you are fully stressed and it is passed on you donīt...

    2nd question.

    I couldnīt find any information concerning the special walkers (except on the cards, nothing in the rulebook).
    Is it just making more stress or is it harder to kill as well... ?

    Would be happy to receive some help...

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    With regards to your first question, a couple of things to point out:

    1. A Survivor that's fully stressed can still be the leader. They'll probably only get to be leader for one turn, though, since they'll be forced to pass the leader role on to the next Survivor if they're still fully stressed during the Objective Phase.

    2. It's Trust that you discard when you pass the leader token, not Stress.

    So, those two things combined mean that when all the Survivors are fully stressed, they'll have to pass the leader token at the end of each turn, losing Trust each time that they do. Eventually, people will probably run out of Trust, which means Group Tension can start setting in, leading to hits to morale. Eventually, if left unchecked, that'll lead to defeat.

    As for the second question, the short version is that you choose which type of special walker(s) you want to use when building the walker reserve for the scenario. For example, the Scavenging Run scenario says to include 7 special walkers. If you just have the gas mask walkers from the base game, you would just use 7 of those. However, if you had, say, the Riot Gear Walkers from the Killer Within expansion, you could choose to use 7 of those instead, allowing you to experience the scenario with a new twist.

    Each type of special walker has a reference card that tells you what special abilities that type of walker has, like how the gas mask walker causes Survivors to suffer Stress when they get close. Other than that, though, they follow all normal walker rules while in play.

    I hope that helped clear things up a bit.

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