I'm hoping that there will be a detailed and updated FAQ coming soon, as I came across a LOT of questions when I tried to play yesterday. I feel the rulebook needed some more pictures and diagrams of game concepts. The videos posted online still had what seemed to be non-final rules and art, so I couldn't be sure what was correct when I had questions. Also, having several (and larger) copies of the Turn Reference card would have been great.

Okay, let's see what I remember after playing the Scavenger Run scenario...

1) I'm unclear about the use of Allies. They are considered Survivors, but there seem to be situations where it becomes confusing to me - do they get stressed; there are no spots for those tokens (or do they share the spaces for the Exert tokens?). If a leader sets the Approach as red and another player is Defiant (say, playing a green card) - the leader gets one Stress token. Now, the Ally of that Defiant Survivor...they follow suit with the Survivor, right? So that means they have to play a green card, or lose a Trust token? If so, they are Compliant with their Survivor, but Defiant against the Leader - will the Leader get another Stress token? What if the Ally plays a red card, being compliant with the Leader, but against what the Survivor played? They lose a Trust token to do so, but does the Controlling Survivor get stressed by that action?

2) Also regarding Allies - they have no Survivor tokens - so does that mean they cannot contribute to the Active Event? Since in a two player game where there are two Survivors and two Allies, the event would have been picked by one of those Survivors, that means there are only two characters who can prevent the Leader from getting stressed due to non-participation and one of them is the one who picked that card. Is that correct? When setting up, following the Rulebook, the Ally is mentioned but then the term "Survivor" is used and not mentioned again until later, so I was confused.

3) Language clarification: specifically when instructed to choose a Survivor. On Rick's Ally card, "Inspire" instructs you to, "Choose 1 other Survivor..." I take that to mean he cannot target himself due to the use of, "other". Citing this example, on Glenn's Ally card, his "Guide" ability says, "Choose 1 Survivor on your Tile to..."; the question here is, can Glenn choose himself? I encountered this language on several cards, such as Rick's card that allows him to Heal.

4) Objective Track - timing: if the conditions to advance the track more than once space exist during the Objective Phase, can it jump several spaces, or is it restricted to one move per phase?

That's all for now. Thanks for responding!