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    your example is bad. the phrase "My keys are in my jacket or on the table" is not a statement giving you an option. that is stating 2 different locations your keys might be in. the statements in the cards ARE giving options. but hey, you know what. I already had a private discussion about this with Matt. and were good. we are doing it the way the game is intended. and holy cow it just made my setup more brutal. and fun. im good with that. I do say this, in the next core set I would suggest in the rule book place a clause there about the FA attacks stating they have to hit something and that or does not just give a choice but has to do its damage from either target if possible.

    and yes you may be right about the context of the definition I posted, however in the case of the cards my argument is valid.

    o and I may have exaggerated about the lawyer statement, I do that from time to time. but I do find it hilarious that my Hmong friend knows his second language better than most of his friends know their first. seriously. He's had cards called for context at major tournaments at places like gen-con for magic, L5R, Warlord, Force of will and now he plays star wars destiny. his player credentials speaks for itself. so ill still take his advise over anyone else.

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    I'll close this now so we can move on to other things.
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