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Thread: Promos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tschudy View Post
    How about getting a copy of Blanka from the street fighter deckbuilder?
    I might have some, I'll have to look and get back to ya.
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    Will there ever be any chance of older promos getting reprinted or are we just going to have to deal with the second-hand market for those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CSManiac33 View Post
    Will there ever be any chance of older promos getting reprinted or are we just going to have to deal with the second-hand market for those.
    Which ones?
    I'll check.
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    Mostly the FPP. For now you can usually buy Skitter around $80 (if you can find one for sale which is not often -> boo). I had to order original FE boxes from Europe to find some with Bane, I paid about $75 per FE w/ FPP set for those when I found someone with a few. I have a pretty well maintained list of all the promo's I've bought in the last 18 months or so, and in general to build a full cube roughly half of the cost is for promo's. For the upcoming TX tournament (and we have one planned for TN but haven't released info on it yet!) the best I can figure is to begin proxy'ing them and just use the real version of the characters for the camera/stream and keep the proxies for off-camera games. Not my preferred solution, but it does save about half the price of building a cube so there is that. Just my thoughts. I also understand the position behind FPP so the reasoning's for it are well understood and I'm not necessarily complaining against it, just giving my opinions on the hard-to-get stuff.

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    I was more of referring to in general rather than just any specifics but primarily on non-FPP Super Heroes/Villains as Felix Faust and Gotham City Docks are pretty common and I can understand the reasoning for not re-releasing FPP as it is kind of against the whole concept of them in the first place.

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    Vixen is available on BGG Store!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerrymul View Post
    Got a few for me and my friends. Link below, limit of 5.
    Thanks! As much as I like that it's only $3, setting the minimum order to $4 is mildly annoying

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    This is great! I've been looking for this one for quite a while now. Now just to wait for the others... My local game store has tried multiple times to get the Organized Play kits, but they have been unsuccessful so far. Hopefully the next Organized Play season will have more kits available for stores so that they can tournaments.

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    Appreciate the heads-up, just placed my order

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